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Austin Structural Inspections

At Austin Structural Inspections, we understand that once the purchase offer has been accepted, the buyer may have only a few days to get a professional Home Inspection completed. We are able to accommodate you quickly and thoroughly, enabling you to have as much time as possible to make your decision.

How Quickly Can I Schedule An Appointment? After calling or emailing our office at 512.751.5199, most appointments are scheduled within 24 hours. Saturday appointments are available.  At the completion of the Home Inspection, a Computer generated report will be e-mailed to you in a .pdf format.  Or, if you prefer, it can be faxed instead. 

We are a State licensed Inspection company regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).  As such, we adhere to certain practices and policies that govern our license.  We are an independent service agency that provides you with an unbiased opinion about the working condition of the home you are considering.  We do not work for the Real Estate Agent, we work for YOU!

An Austin Structural Inspection is an evaluation and analysis of the building and its mechanics. We inspect the house looking for major and costly defects, as well as numerous less common problems. Our job is to make sure our clients know what they are getting into. Knowing the overall condition of the house not only educates you, it lets you to take the guesswork out of buying a house.

All Inspections are Performed by Kenneth L. Larson, Professional Inspector #5702. As a former U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering Supervisor and a state licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector I maintain strict quality control and complete independence from 3rd party influences.  I adhere to a code of ethics that is of the highest caliber within the property inspection industry. My reputation and continued referrals are based upon my personal commitment to quality and customer service to the home buyer.  I work for you!

Austin Texas Homes Austin Texas REALTOR® Austin Texas Real Estate
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