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How To Choose The Right Round Rock - Austin REALTOR®

We believe that you have already located a premier Austin REALTOR® right here at ROCK Properties - Round Rock - Austin Texas Real Estate, nevertheless, here are some important points to consider when selecting a REALTOR.

Important Points To Keep In Mind

  • Focus on finding the right agent over the right company.
  • Don't feel obligated to work with someone unless they earn it.
  • Don't sign a contract based on convincing promises.
  • Look for the consultant's mind-set.

The right REALTOR® will save you time and money by anticipating problems before they arise. Always remember that you're in control and that you deserve nothing but the best.

Whether you're buying or selling a home, the first step is to make sure that you're working with an agent you can rely on for guidance and honest advice from start to finish. The last thing you want is to realize that you're working with the wrong agent when you need help most. Real estate is more complicated than ever. There are numerous pitfalls, problems, and complex situations that can lead to a very anxious and unpleasant experience, without proper guidance.

There are two basic mindsets to choose from: Salesperson or Consultant.

The salesperson is constantly searching for the hottest, most ready and able prospects over those that are "just looking" or warming up to the process. They have a tendency to be a bit pushy and are less likely to really listen because they are often more concerned about their own agenda, over yours.

The agent with a consultant's mind-set sees the long-range picture. They know that by really listening, being helpful, and always presenting clear options they will succeed, whether you decide to buy or sell now or at some time in the future. They see a satisfied client as the best possible source for new business.

Tips On Finding A REALTOR

Use The Internet: It's a great way to get to know someone without having to meet him or her before you want too. There are more and more agents providing hassle-free information to help you get started. Use email to ask questions and gather information before you decide to meet.

Ask Your Friends: One of the best way to choose a REALTOR® is through a personal referral. Be sure that the person making the recommendation has first-hand knowledge of the agent and can speak to you from personal experience. Ask your friend to call in the referral and then see how long it takes them to get back to you.

Visit Open Houses with more than seeing the property in mind. REALTORS often use open houses to find prospects �why not reverse the tables and use the opportunity to interview them? Remember, you don't have to give your phone number unless you want to.

Calling On Ads: Ads are typically written to get the phone to ring and provide agents with potential customers. When calling on an ad, take the opportunity to ask a few questions as if conducting a pre-screening interview. If you like what you hear consider asking to meet.

Walking Into A Real Estate Office: This is a bit like rolling the dice, but it can work if you know what to ask. Be aware that agents doing floor time are usually in need of business and may not have the experience you are looking for.

10 Revealing Questions To Help You Decide:

  1. Tell me about your experience. How long have you been a REALTOR?
  2. What do you like most about the business?
  3. What makes you different from other REALTORS?
  4. What if I am not satisfied with your service and have a contract with you?
  5. Can I call some of your past clients and ask about their experience in working with you?
  6. Do you have a previous marketing plan that I can review?
  7. Do you personally spend money on advertising or rely on sources the company provides?
  8. Do you consider yourself a strong negotiator?  Give me an example
  9. What advice would you give me about buying under current market conditions?
  10. What should my expectations be, if we should decide to work together?

Be casual and have some fun. The idea is to gain insight into how the REALTOR® conducts his or her business and what they will do for you. Be cautious if they spend most of the time telling you about themselves and all the great things they do. The person who talks more than you is probably not a great listener. Take stock of their responses and trust your instincts.

Austin Texas Homes Austin Texas REALTOR® Austin Texas Real Estate
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